This website previously posted some info on the planning proposals contained in the village clusters housing allocation plan:

Which was a while ago. If you saw it and decided to come back to it later, the deadline for any comments/objections is the 2nd August, a couple of days’ time. So this is just a friendly reminder in case you’d regret missing it.

The practicalities of adding comments are below:

Log in (If you have not already got an account you will need to create one which is quick and easy to do):

Scroll down and click on: Alpington, Yelverton and Bergh Apton:

Scroll down until you come to the questions in purple. Click on the message icon which will give you opportunity to object, then click Next and make your comments:

Thanks to a very helpful Nextdoor member for those details and screenshots, hopefully she wouldn’t mind us reproducing them here.