What Do You Think About Summer Tourism In Our Area

The Norfolk County Council invites you to take part in a survey on how you feel about tourism in your area.

It closes at midnight on 15th October 2021, so you’ve got 5 days left, apologies for this being a late post.

The survey is part of the Norfolk County Council EXPERIENCE project and is about summer tourism. It will be carried out every six months over the next 2-3 years, focussing on winter and summer tourism alternately, you may have seen the previous one issued in April about winter tourism.

To take part please click on this link:


More information:

The results will be used to tailor the activities of the project and to better understand the benefits and disadvantages of tourism for local people.

Anyone who is over 18 and a resident in Norfolk can take part.

There’s a prize draw for £40 of Jarrold vouchers for participants (excluding employees of Norfolk County Council and their families, and anyone involved in the prize draw).

Gardening in October

After such a lovely warm September, October is likely to be cooler with welcome rainfall to replenish our water butts and green our lawns once again!

The lovely misty mornings and cool starts to the days signal that it is now time to start tidying up and preparing for winter, whilst still enjoying the harvest and the golden Autumn sunshine whenever possible. 


If you are lucky enough to have a crop of apples or pears, they should now be ready to pick and enjoy. 

Protecting from early frosts

Move any tender plants, including houseplants, into a conservatory or greenhouse and check to see if your greenhouse heater is working properly. 

Outdoor pots and containers

Remove any drip trays from under planted up containers and raise terracotta patio pots with bricks or special pot feet so they don’t sit in water over winter and crack when it freezes. This is also the time to stop all feeding, as your container plants are slowing down for the winter. 


Mow when you can, but is you wish to remove any moss in your lawn, treat with a combination moss killer and fertiliser then scarify to remove the dead moss. If your lawn is in good condition it will still benefit from a granular or liquid Autumn feed which will “green it up” and sustain the grass through the winter months.

Splitting and moving Perennials

While you can still identify the various clumps of perennials in your flowerbeds, dig up and divide any which may be getting too big and transplant any which you think are in the wrong place. Transplanting at this time of year gives them a chance to settle in over the Winter and gives them a strong start for next year.

Planting bulbs, trees and shrubs

Continue planting your spring bulbs, but delay planting your tulip bulbs until November. This is a good time to plant shrubs and trees but avoid very wet or frosty days.

Tidying up and taking time out

Collect leaves as they fall, putting them in a separate compost bin or in black bin liners to rot down into leaf mulch to be used next Autumn to condition your soil.

If you can, take time out to go for a walk on one the lovely peaceful misty mornings or just sit and enjoy the Autumnal views of your garden in the low October sunlight.

Consultation on Proposed 50mph Speed Limit Extension

See below to download the notice of a proposed extension to the 50mph zone on the A146, making it a bit longer past the Slade lane junction.

A copy of the Order, plan and Statement of Reasons for making the Order may be viewed online at https://norfolk.citizenspace.com/environment-transport-and-development/71964-yelverton-pga043-proposed-50mph-speed-limit/

The public consultation period for this scheme will close on 12th October 2021.

Subsidised Home Composting Kit

Cheaper compost bins, and “bokashi” bins which will deal with your other non-compostable food waste.

The Council has produced this leaflet which promotes the use of home composters and Bokashi bins to manage garden and food waste at home. Have a look if you’re interested in getting involved at home.

The prices for each bin have been subsidised, the details of which are on the leaflet.

Gardening in September

Autumn is upon us and with it a slightly slower pace of gardening compared to the activity of Spring and Summer, this means if we are lucky enough to have a late spell of warm sunny weather then we may actually have time to enjoy it!

Seed collecting

If you wish to, collect seeds from your summer-flowering plants, storing them in labelled paper envelopes or small paper bags.

Water features

If you have a water feature or pond, cover it with netting to prevent Autumnal leaves collecting and clogging the water.


Mow when the grass is dry enough and apply a general lawn feed which will green up your grass if needed. If you have dead patches or thatch in your lawn this can be scarified or raked out and you can spike the lawn with a garden fork to let more air to the roots of the grass. Regular mowing will also help collect the early Autumnal leaf fall.


Continue to enjoy the rewards of your hard work, pick your vegetables and late-fruiting raspberries and blackberries. Dig up any remaining potatoes, otherwise they will be destroyed by slugs.

Bulb Planting

While the soil is damp and warm, now is the time to start planting up your spring bulbs (except tulips, which should be planted later – in November).


Continue to dead-head as flowers fade and tie in new shoots on climbers.

Tidying up

Fallen leaves are an important organic resource, so try not to put them all in your brown bin.

You can put them in black bin bags or create a separate pile next to the compost heap to make leaf mould which will be perfect for conditioning your soil October.

Invitation for Applications to the Community Benefit Fund

An invitation from the Parish Council to apply for the Community Benefit Fund:

Since 2015 we have received an annual payment from the Avenue Solar Farm. This year this amounted to £10,041. This money is put into the Community Benefit Fund and each year local groups and individuals are invited to apply for a grant towards projects or activities in Alpington and Yelverton that benefit the community as a whole or a group of residents.

As in previous years, we would like to invite applications from groups or individuals who seek funding to make a positive impact within our community.

The application form is below, and also a file with some basic rules for CBF in the file below.

Bergh Apton Road Alpington -Closed on 21st Sept 2021

Bergh Apton Road, Alpington, will be closed all day on 21st September, for manhole repair works.

Looks like it’s near the school crossroads so probably the Back Road junction will still be open.

From the official notice:

…prohibiting the use by vehicles of the C374 Bergh Apton Road from 60m east of its junction with C374 Church Road for 60m eastwards…