How to Report a Pothole


Where to report it

Potholes can easily be reported to Norfolk County Council, at this page:

report a pothole to Norfolk County Council

How to report it

Quick summary

If you see a pothole while driving or walking:

  • Remember where it is.
  • (Optional) Take one photo if it’s safe. Ideally show the pothole itself and also some surrounding area so the team will find it useful when they arrive.
  • When you get back home, report it in just a couple of minutes using the 3 steps below.

1) Visit the reporting website

Click the Report a pothole button to open the reporting webpage.

2) One-Time Task: Register and Login

You don’t have to do this, but it only takes a couple of minutes and you can then track the status of the reports that you make. You’ll obviously not need to register the next time you report a pothole, you just login.

Once you’ve registered and logged in you’ll see the below confirmation on the page and you can click the button to continue. If you chose to report anonymously you’ll get to the same page.

3) Report the details

Choose the options from the next two lists for reporting a pothole:

On the next screen, don’t bother putting an address in, just zoom into the map and click or tap to drop a red pin at the location of the pothole.

On the next page you should briefly write some clarifying notes on where the pothole is, to help the team to locate it when they arrive. You can also upload a photo of it.

The next page will help the council to prioritise the work, you need to tell them roughly how severe the problem is with 3 multiple choice answers. Note that if you select Yes to say it’s a danger to life, then it just says to call a number rather than using this reporting system.

You’re done! Click to submit the report after reviewing the summary.

If you want to give it a go, here’s the link again:

report a pothole to Norfolk County Council