Alpington and Yelverton

Welcome to the community website for the South Norfolk villages of Alpington and Yelverton. Have a look around to see local news and events, business listings, a village guide, some well researched local history, and pictures of our local wildlife.

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The Villages

Alpington and Yelverton are located some 6 miles south east of the historic and fine city of Norwich. The villages are surrounded by farmland, with many public footpaths, and you will regularly meet walkers, cyclists, horse riders and see some agricultural activity. We’ve got a successful primary school, a beautiful and historic church, a village hall, and a good sized village pond attracting some varied wildlife.


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The Parish Council

This website was developed initially by the Parish Council, but since March 2020 it has been further developed and run, on a voluntary basis, by the community and for the community. This realised the first part of the Parish Council’s plan: to put it into the community’s hands to take it forward.

We’re now working on realising the second part of their plan: to expand the pool of authors who create content on our news feed, meaning that the parish will then have a fully-fledged community website, truly representing all of our villages’ residents, organisations, businesses, and institutions.

The Parish Council would like to thank everybody for embracing and supporting the website over the past year. We’re lucky to live within a community that wants to engage with a project like this, and we hope it brings us even closer together.

Collective Oil Buying Scheme

The village is a part of a wider oil purchasing scheme, where many people ordering at the same time can receive a better price. You join up as an individual, there is no membership fee, you choose when you want to buy and how much, and you will no longer need to shop around for the best price.

further details

Local Business and Organisations

This site has listings of local organisations and businesses. Find interesting local groups to visit or follow on social media. Or if you need products or services, see what the local area can offer:


Learn About Our History

The village is lucky to have an active local history society, who have helped us to collate the information for our history page.

Click to learn about the village’s past, including some interesting facts about the pub!

Our History Page

Village Hall

A home for various local clubs and organisations, and available to hire for events.

Village Hall

Our Wildlife

There’s plenty to see in your garden or out for a walk. Let us know if you’ve seen anything that’s not on this list!

Village Facilities and Features

View images and information on village features such as the play area and solar farm, amongst other things.

Village Features

Can You Help?

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