Most residents will have received a small paper flyer from the Parish Council on these planning proposals by now.

The proposals cover the whole of South Norfolk, so there’s a lot of information which doesn’t directly apply to our villages. For that reason we’ve put this post together to summarise the parts of the proposals that you’ll be interested in.

Credit for the summarised info and downloadable files goes to the Parish Council, who’ve done a great job clarifying what it all means for us.

This post takes most of the text from the flyer, and adds some downloadable maps and documents. There’s a lot of text below but the summary is:

  • Anyone with an opinion on these proposals should submit their comments during this consultation period, before 2nd Aug. Don’t miss your chance!
  • In the paper flyer the contact email address was incorrect, the correct one is near the end of this post.
  • There’s a virtual exhibition on the whole plans here:
  • Below you can download maps of Alpington, Yelverton and Bergh Apton, showing exactly where the ‘preferred’ and ‘shortlisted’ sites are.
  • There is also a downloadable document below showing the detail of each of these sites.

Text taken from the Parish Council’s flyer:

Village Clusters Housing Allocation Plan Consultation

On 7 June South Norfolk Council opened a public consultation on a draft of its Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (VCHAP) that will allocate sites for 1,200 new homes in smaller villages across South Norfolk.

The consultation runs until 2 August and any comments must be submitted by then.

For the purposes of the VCHAP, Alpington, Yelverton and Bergh Apton form a Village Cluster. The VCHAP has identified two preferred and one shortlisted sites in Alpington, with no sites currently preferred or shortlisted in Yelverton and one preferred site in Bergh Apton. In Alpington, the preferred sites are the field behind Church Meadow for up to 25 dwellings (numbered SN0400 in the VCHAP) and extending the Settlement Limit in Alpington on the western side of Nichols Road near the School (SN0529SL). Also shortlisted as a reasonable alternative site for up to 25 dwellings is land on Wheel Road near the Reeders Lane/Burgate Lane junction (SN0433). The preferred site for over 25 dwellings is in Bergh Apton (SNO412) and is the former concrete works on Church Road. Maps showing these sites are displayed on the Village Hall and Mill Road Notice Boards.

The map can also be downloaded here:

And the Parish Council has extracted some relevant details for our villages from a much larger document. This document gives detail on each site in question:

The Parish Council has for many years objected to the principle of extending the established development boundaries of our villages and this latest plan would place further burden on our inadequate road infrastructure and services.

This is an important consultation affecting the future of our villages and we urge you to look at this Plan and comment on it.

You can do so by visiting where you can also attend the virtual exhibition. If you have difficulty accessing this information online, you can contact the South Norfolk team on 01508 533805 or email them at

Next Parish Council Meeting

Separate from the VCHAP consultation, our Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 6 September at 7.30pm (doors open at 7:15pm) in Alpington Village Hall. Please come to meet your friends, neighbours, and local councillors.

Further details will be posted on noticeboards and on this website closer to the date.