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South Norfolk Community Awards

Some information on this event from South Norfolk Council:

In preparation for this year South Norfolk Community Awards we are now taking nominations for residents within our district.

The awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of residents from across the district, who go above and beyond to support others or complete incredible achievements.

Nominations will close on 5th September so we would really like to get this advertised soon to allow time for anyone to complete the nomination process.

The information poster is downloadable here:

We are keen to encourage the community to put in a nomination for someone (or group) who has had a huge contribution to the community this year.

There are several category descriptions and further information found on the website

We are really excited to see what your community has to offer and the nominations that come in.

Kind regards

Olivia Walker
Event and Communities Support Officer, South Norfolk Council

Free Scam Awareness Presentations

In this Parish, if you have a phone, you are very likely to receive regular scam calls. Thankfully they don’t seem too sophisticated mostly. You’ll have heard the delayed robotic voice telling you your internet’s going to be cut off on a regular basis, and hung up.

But would you hang up as readily if it was a real person ringing you and telling you the same thing? It’s not always obvious. See below for some info from the Neighbourhood Watch Network which might just save you a load of money.

The Neighbourhood Watch Network are running weekly webinars in July to expose the truths behind scams.

The webinars are FREE to attend and are open to anyone who would like to know more about scams, the psychology behind scams, prevention and how a fraud case is investigated.

The webinars bring together experts in their field relating to online fraud, a topic which we are all too familiar with and can affect anyone and everyone, as our lives are played out more digitally.

You can find out more and register for the webinars here >

One for the Rook – Community Event in September 2021

A nature trail like none other, a combination of the natural world and the world of the arts

One for the Rook – 8-12 & 22-26 September 2021

Bergh Apton will be hosting a nature trail based arts event in September which looks really interesting, and just round the corner from us. It’d be well worth a visit, you need a ticket to attend and it’s sure to be popular based on past events, so make sure you plan ahead and get a ticket early.

One of the most unique aspects is you need to bring a smartphone with a QR reader, to be able to interact with the experiences, music, readings, and puzzle.

It’s about 1.5 miles, over rough and muddy ground, so you’ll need appropriate footwear.

Here’s the website:

Here’s the flyer with the full info:

From their promotional material:

One for the Rook has been three years in the planning and our aim is that it will work even should limited COVID restrictions be in place.

The Trail will provide opportunities to “Stop, Look and Listen” not only to the world around us of which we are but a part, but also to words and music – creative responses to our “neighbours” who live alongside.

We have been assisted by the renowned story-teller Hugh Lupton, the music composer, Mary Lovett, the Land Artist, Liz McGowan and with creative assistance and direction from Charlotte Arculus.

All this inspired by the beautiful books of Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris such as “Lost Words” and “Lost Spells”.

Bergh Apton Arts is a not-for-profit Trust that has, since 1997, staged successful events such as Sculpture Trails and Plays.

Cookes Road Closure in Bergh Apton 26-27 July

From Alpington, if you are driving to the recycling center, at the junction where you turn right at the Bergh Apton village hall there will be a road closure. It says from that junction going the other way, and is unclear at first glance whether it’ll affect the junction itself (in other words I’m not clear whether you’ll still be able to turn towards the recycling center).

From the official notice:

NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL has made a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the C374 Cookes Road from its junction with U76329 The Street for 300m eastwards in the PARISH OF BERGH APTON because of BT remedial works.

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 26th to 27th July 2021 for the duration of the works expected to be about 2 days within the period.

Gardening Tasks for July

Hopefully, July will be warmer and sunnier than it has been of late and we will be able to sit in our gardens and enjoy the fantastic display of flowering plants and shrubs very soon.

The obvious downside to all the recent rain is that although we have vigorous garden growth and our gardens look lush and green, we also have amazing weeds too!

Weeding, feeding and dead-heading

Control the weeds on paths and pull out weeds in your flowerbeds. Increase the feeding of seasonal patio pots and baskets – they will benefit from a weekly feed of liquid tomato fertiliser or liquid feed.

Dead-head bedding plants, annuals and Roses as this will encourage more flowers. If you cut back delphiniums and geraniums after the first flowers they should flower a second time, so give them a feed of Blood, Fish and Bone or a slow-release fertiliser.

If we are forecast some windy days, support or tie in any vigorous climbers or tall perennials to prevent damage.


We hope July will bring some hot Summer weather, so increase the watering for the plants if they need it.

Bedding plants, leafy vegetables, seedlings and new plantings and plants in pots are most prone to drying out. If possible, water your plants early in the morning or in the evening and avoid watering during the hottest part of the day.

Protecting from disease or pests

Some diseases and pests thrive in hot summer conditions, so check susceptible plants – such as roses – for issues such as blackspot, mildew and rust. Treat and spray as required.

Water features

If you have a pond, rake out any overgrown oxygenating plants and algae, topping-up the water levels using rainwater collected in your water-butts if you can.


If the weather is hot and dry, try not to mow too often and raise the height of cutting deck on your mower.

Brown patches on lawns in hot spells are inevitable but the lawn will recover quickly, so there’s no need to water. It’s better to use the water for your pots, baskets and flowering borders.

Painting and refreshing

Warm, dry summer weather is perfect for painting wooden sheds, fences, arches and arbours. There are lots of traditional and other vibrant colours on the market to brighten or refresh any wooden structure in your garden.

New Police Priorities for the Local Area

You can see a poster below, detailing the new Priorities set for the Poringland Safer Neighbourhood Team at their recent online Priorities Setting Meeting.

  • Burglary/Theft
  • Speeding
  • Violent crime

The Poringland Safer Neighbourhood Team website is here if you are interested (interestingly not updated yet with the new priorities above).

The area covered is Poringland and a number of surrounding Parishes, including ours.

Horsea Windpump Information and Volunteering Opportunity

Not exactly local! But might be of interest to some residents:

From Georgia Kossowicz
Programming and Partnerships Officer, The Norfolk Coast and Broads National Trust

Calling all History Buffs!

A collage of images related to the Windpump

Are you passionate about the past? Are your friends and family fed up with hearing yet more about your historical interests? Then look no further, we are searching for enthusiastic volunteers to share Horsey Windpump’s story with our visitors!

One of 240 windpumps dotted over the Norfolk Broads, for many decades Horsey Windpump has been a prominent visual link with the history of the Norfolk Broads.

It has withstood floods, fierce storms, wars and a lightning strike that finally put it out of action in summer 1943. A huge restoration project has been undertaken since 2015, and finally, a fully functioning windpump is on the horizon!

You’ll be joining a friendly team with a wealth of historical knowledge. Our windpump volunteers engage our visitors with tales of Horsey’s history, share in the delights of working with others and there are always opportunities to help with fundraising, special events and anything else you may have an interest in. If you’re able to spare some time, you can sign up directly on the national trust website- myvolunteering – National Trust and search for Horsey (click on ‘more details’ below Windpump Volunteers article).

Or get in touch with us at the following email addresses;

We hope to see you there at this exciting time for Horsey Windpump!

Village Clusters Housing Allocation Plan Consultation

Most residents will have received a small paper flyer from the Parish Council on these planning proposals by now.

The proposals cover the whole of South Norfolk, so there’s a lot of information which doesn’t directly apply to our villages. For that reason we’ve put this post together to summarise the parts of the proposals that you’ll be interested in.

Credit for the summarised info and downloadable files goes to the Parish Council, who’ve done a great job clarifying what it all means for us.

This post takes most of the text from the flyer, and adds some downloadable maps and documents. There’s a lot of text below but the summary is:

  • Anyone with an opinion on these proposals should submit their comments during this consultation period, before 2nd Aug. Don’t miss your chance!
  • In the paper flyer the contact email address was incorrect, the correct one is near the end of this post.
  • There’s a virtual exhibition on the whole plans here:
  • Below you can download maps of Alpington, Yelverton and Bergh Apton, showing exactly where the ‘preferred’ and ‘shortlisted’ sites are.
  • There is also a downloadable document below showing the detail of each of these sites.

Text taken from the Parish Council’s flyer:

Village Clusters Housing Allocation Plan Consultation

On 7 June South Norfolk Council opened a public consultation on a draft of its Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (VCHAP) that will allocate sites for 1,200 new homes in smaller villages across South Norfolk.

The consultation runs until 2 August and any comments must be submitted by then.

For the purposes of the VCHAP, Alpington, Yelverton and Bergh Apton form a Village Cluster. The VCHAP has identified two preferred and one shortlisted sites in Alpington, with no sites currently preferred or shortlisted in Yelverton and one preferred site in Bergh Apton. In Alpington, the preferred sites are the field behind Church Meadow for up to 25 dwellings (numbered SN0400 in the VCHAP) and extending the Settlement Limit in Alpington on the western side of Nichols Road near the School (SN0529SL). Also shortlisted as a reasonable alternative site for up to 25 dwellings is land on Wheel Road near the Reeders Lane/Burgate Lane junction (SN0433). The preferred site for over 25 dwellings is in Bergh Apton (SNO412) and is the former concrete works on Church Road. Maps showing these sites are displayed on the Village Hall and Mill Road Notice Boards.

The map can also be downloaded here:

And the Parish Council has extracted some relevant details for our villages from a much larger document. This document gives detail on each site in question:

The Parish Council has for many years objected to the principle of extending the established development boundaries of our villages and this latest plan would place further burden on our inadequate road infrastructure and services.

This is an important consultation affecting the future of our villages and we urge you to look at this Plan and comment on it.

You can do so by visiting where you can also attend the virtual exhibition. If you have difficulty accessing this information online, you can contact the South Norfolk team on 01508 533805 or email them at

Next Parish Council Meeting

Separate from the VCHAP consultation, our Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 6 September at 7.30pm (doors open at 7:15pm) in Alpington Village Hall. Please come to meet your friends, neighbours, and local councillors.

Further details will be posted on noticeboards and on this website closer to the date.

Moorhen Teenagers Helping Out with their Younger Siblings – and Other Photos

It’s nice when your teenagers help you out with the chores isn’t it?

While walking past Yelverton pond a few days ago, we noticed a new clutch of Moorhens had hatched and was being looked after by the ‘teenage’ Moorhens from the previous bunch of eggs that hatched a few weeks ago.

It’s quite interesting behaviour and isn’t common in birds. We suppose that it takes a bit of responsibility and effort off the parents, and gives a bit of experience to the juvenile ones before they grow up and presumably try to raise their own in future years.

We’re privileged to see that behaviour in action on our pond so close to home.

After a previous post saying there were 3 juvenile birds, there now appear to be 2 left, after some evidence that one got run over by a car by the corner of the pond. A big shame as that generation were doing so well. The sight of 4 more chicks takes the edge off though, fingers crossed for those doing well.

On the same walk a couple of Linnets were fluttering around and singing on some bushes, we’ve not seen those very often at all in the Parish, even though they’re not rare nationally. They’ve got a beautiful song and look great with a grey head, brown wings, and a bit of red on their chest.

A linnet waiting on a branch
A linnet feeding

And last but definitely not least, here’s another thing you don’t see every day, there were a couple of Red Kites over Garrick Field flying off towards Poringland a week ago.

A red kite over Garrick Field

Indeed, over the same couple of days there were posts on Facebook by Poringland residents saying they’d seen them.

It’s spectacular to see these birds over the Parish, there are apparently only 1800 breeding pairs of Red Kites in the UK, with half of those in Wales. So having a pair in the area makes our Parish (and wider group of villages) seem even more special.