Local Organisations

Parish Council

Local government for Alpington and Yelverton

Parish Council Page

Village Hall

Available for hire for parties, committee meetings, clubs and other social events.

Village Hall Page

Alpington and Yelverton History Society

The village’s local history society

Website Our History Page

Alpington and Yelverton Projects

For gathering and sharing information about the various projects going on in the village, for example the Yelverton Pond Project

Facebook Page

Wildlife and Birdwatching

There’s no organised wildlife group in the village, but we could start one! Send us a message if you’re interested. For now you can check out our wildlife page, and Bergh Apton down the road have a very successful conservation organisation.

our wildlife Bergh Apton Conservation Trust

LaLa Singing Group

“Singing group for Pop Loving Folk”. Just down the road in Bergh Apton.

LaLa Singing Group