The Parish Council (PC) has responsibility for the very old Veteran Oak tree growing on the edge of the Garrick Field (Memorial Field).

Along with many villagers, the PC recognise that this is a much loved tree and it’s presence is valued, it can be seen from the public footpaths and nearby housing on Church Meadow.

Imogen Mole South Norfolk District Council’s Conservation and Tree Officer visited and offered advice and compiled a report, below are some of her comments:

“Ancient and Veteran trees are exceptionally valuable and considered an irreplaceable habitat. This individual has a stem diameter that qualifies it as ancient and also a number of veteran characteristics including decay features, such as branch death and hollowing. It has a good functional crown and is adapted structurally to these characteristics but there is evidence of fire damage.

The features present on this tree contribute to its biodiversity, cultural and heritage value and because of the evidence of fire damage coupled with its location in relative close proximity to dwellings, it could be at risk of future inappropriate work or further damage.

I recommend a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)is placed on this tree to secure it’s long term future and ensure best conservation practice and management of this tree.”

If you are a BBC SpringWatch fan, the episode aired on Wednesday 26th May explained why Oaks are such a valuable habitat supporting over 2,000 species.

Ancient and Veteran trees are exceptionally valued and considered an irreplaceable habitat.

Imogen Mole, South Norfolk District Council’s Conservation and Tree Officer

If you’re interested in the definition of the terms “veteran” and “ancient”, click here for a good summary.

The Yelverton Oak now has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) in place which will help to ensue it’s future for many years to come.

The PC are currently planning for the Oak to be surveyed by a qualified tree surgeon and following this for any appropriate remedial work to be completed.