This year Yelverton pond has been home to a family of Moorhens and a family of Egyptian Geese. Originally we counted 5 moorhen chicks, and 6 Egyptian Geese chicks.

Newly hatched chicks in mid-April

As these things often go with wild birds, most of the chicks seem not to have survived, as far as we know it’s been because of natural predators getting them, which is a shame for the birds but all perfectly normal of course.

But some have thrived and made it.

Moorhen loves own reflection too much

There were 3 grown up young moorhens on the pond yesterday, foraging around, which was great to see.

This author believes the whole first clutch of 5 chicks didn’t make it, a new nest was built on the central island instead of by the road, and these 3 are from that second attempt. It was obviously a more secure location.

The Egyptian Geese must be proud of this beauty! Nearly fully grown now:

Adult Goose thinks it’s about time his kid moved out and got his own place.

Elsewhere, we’ve heard of mallard ducks having a very successful year even though they got booted off the pond by the geese. 24 chicks from two families swimming around elsewhere in the village, so that’s also good news.