If you’ve visited the pond recently have you noticed the Moorhen family? It’s nice to see that the pond renovation hasn’t put them off and they’ve still set up home again. How cute are these little guys? 😃

An adult Moorhen with 4 of its chicks foraging for food

We saw 5 chicks with the 2 adults.

Moorhen chicks by the water’s edge on Yelverton pond

Moorhens can have two or three lots of eggs each year, and the “teenage” kids from the first clutch help out with feeding and looking after the chicks in the second clutch, and so on. It’s pretty unusual.

A moorhen nest on Yelverton pond

The nest is in quite an obvious visible place near the edge, and if we can see it easily then we would imagine it’s visible to predators as well, so our fingers are crossed for the little guys. Maybe it’s far enough from the edge.

We don’t actually know how easily disturbed Moorhens are by people getting close, but they are next to a road after all, so they can’t be too nervous about noise.

Do have a look if you go past, definitely show your kids for example, as it’s really interesting, but we’d hope of course that everyone keeps a respectful distance, just in case they get spooked.