One of our parish councillors John Lain sorts out our litter bins ahead of south Norfolk council collections. He said he can tell that a number of residents have been taking it upon themselves to pick up litter from our streets, hedgerows, and banks.

What a lovely thing to do.

The parish council and this community website would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been doing this.

Every time someone picks up a piece of litter that isn’t theirs, it not only cleans that one piece up, it makes it less likely that other people will drop litter. It’s a known phenomenon. So each piece cleaned up has a bigger impact than you might think. And it’s also known that tidy environments make people happier. All of that added together means that there’s a small group of people in the village that is having a large effect on all of our general happiness, without realising it.

Of course, if you are doing this voluntarily we hope you take care and do it safely.

In normal years, the village holds a litter picking event which is sponsored by South Norfolk Council. For obvious reasons this did not happen last year, but it will be restarted when restrictions allow.