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Window Repairs at St Mary’s Church Yelverton

If you’ve been past the church you may wonder why scaffolding is up on the north side of the church over the windows.

This is for the restoration of the north clerestory windows, which was one of the projects suggested at last year’s “Friends of St Mary’s Church” A.G.M.

Amazingly, an extremely generous member of the Friends has donated the full amount for this work, which is expected to last for about ten weeks.

The other suggested project was the restoration of the bell-frame so that the bells could be rung properly. You may have heard the bells rung briefly a few weeks ago when we had a preliminary visit by the restorers.

We have put in progress a full assessment and estimate, which will become the next Friends’ fund-raising project, so you may well hear more bell-ringing at some point in the next few weeks.

Meet And Chat With Our Police Safer Neighbourhood Team – Sun 15 Aug

This weekend there is an opportunity to chat to our local police safer Neighbourhood team, as they are out and about on Sunday 15th Aug.

The closest one for us would be the 11am outside Poringland Budgens, before they move on to Trowse for 1pm.

If you see them you can stop and have a chat and let them know of any local concerns or issues.

Please see details on the attached poster and please feel free to share and distribute it.

How to Report a Pothole in Norfolk

A surprising number of people ask us how to report a dangerous pothole that they’ve seen. It’s really easy once you know how, so we’ve put together step by step instructions on one of our pages:

How to Report a Pothole

…and you can get to that page through one of the links at the bottom of every page on this website.

When you click through to the Norfolk County Council reporting page, there’s 5 screens to click through:

  • One is clicking on a map,
  • One is multiple choice,
  • Two are just a single drop-down,
  • And the other one is to write a quick sentence on how to find it at the map location.

This is one of those things where sometimes we just expect that someone else will do something about it, which is perfectly natural when it’s not immediately obvious how to do it, or how easy it is.

It’s the responsibility of the council to fix potholes, but only once they are told about them. If everyone thinks someone else will report it then perhaps no one will for a while, increasing the time that the pothole could cause damage or even cause an accident.

So make a mental note that you can get to the step-by-step instructions from any page of this website, and next time you see a pothole come back here and report it. It’s much quicker than you think.

Framingham Earl Road Closure – 18th-20th Aug

Framingham Earl Road, Yelverton, will be closed, 18th-20th Aug, looks like about 200m down the road from the pond.

From the official notice:

…water connection works are required at the U76369 Framingham Earl Road from 200m west of its junction with C374 Church Road for 20m westwards…

Speeding Reports May-Jun-Jul 2021

If you’re curious how quickly cars drive through the village, we have reports for May, June, and July, generated from the mobile speed camera which gets moved around approximately every month.

The camera is run by the Parish Council. A generous village resident crunches the raw data from the Parish Council each month, and produces these easy to understand summaries downloadable below.

A quick look over the 3 documents paints an interesting picture, which is certainly worrying in some aspects. The camera was in 3 locations over the 3 months. In all locations the average speeder was going roughly 33mph.

On Framingham Earl Road (in the 30 zone past the pond) 13% of all cars were speeding. I’m not sure which way round the camera was facing but it possibly reflects the proximity of a 60mph zone further up the road?

By the village hall, only 1% of drivers were speeding, it’s an area which forces you to slow down really so it makes sense, and is reassuring in a way as many people cross the road near there.

Near the school, 5% of drivers were speeding.

For more detail see the pdf reports below.

This and future reports will be added to our Parish Council’s page.

Yelverton FC August Home Fixtures on Garrick Field

The season was cancelled last year, but it’s now started up again!

Saturday 14th August. Yelverton first team vs St Andrew’s. 2:30 kick off

Saturday 21st August. Yelverton first team vs Norwich CEYMS. 2:30 kick off

Come along and support, or if you’re out for a walk in Alpington or Yelverton, take a detour onto Garrick Field for a bit and check out how our local team are doing.

Yelverton FC club badge

The club badge is new for this year, a tribute to the Sauders brothers who supported the club so much.

We’ll attempt to put the home games on the village calendar and keep it up to date, so you can check there in future for the dates:

Village Calendar Yelverton FC TWITTER ACCOUNT Yelverton FC WEBSITE Our Yelverton FC Page