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Road Closure – A47 near Acle and Great Yarmouth in the evenings 14-18 Nov

The A47 will be closed at various times and locations in the evenings 14-18 Nov. Roughly between Blofield and Great Yarmouth. The diversion is huge, and traffic will be diverted along the A146. See the full post below for a diagram and full explanation.

Verbatim from the official notice:

We plan to carry out surveys to assess the condition of the A47 at various locations between Lingwood Lane and Great Yarmouth. 

We plan to complete this work over 5 nights between Monday 14 November and Friday 18 November. We will work between 8pm and 6am, weather permitting.

Closures and diversions

To carry out the work safely, we will need to close the A47 and divert traffic as detailed below:

  • A47 Acle Roundabout to Vauxhall Roundabout both directions – Monday 14 November
  • Lingwood Lane to Acle Roundabout eastbound – Tuesday 15 November and Wednesday 16 November (No access will be available from Brundall / Cucumber Lane Roundabout)
  • Acle Roundabout to Lingwood Lane westbound – Thursday 17 November and Friday 18 November. (No access will be available from Acle Roundabout)

Whilst the A47 is closed, eastbound traffic will be diverted off the A47 at Norwich onto the A146 and A143 to re-join the A47 at Great Yarmouth. Westbound traffic will follow the same diversion but in reverse.

How to find out more

To find out more about road improvements we’re carrying out across the East of England, please visit our website at

If you would like more information, please contact us on 0300 123 5000, or by email at

Call for volunteers – from a lifelong Alpington resident

Call for volunteers!

The BUILD Charity provides social, leisure and learning opportunities for adults with disabilities in Norfolk. Lara, a lifelong Alpington resident, has just started working with them and she needs your help!

Do you have a couple of hours spare a week to attend a social activity of some of the members? This could be a Sunday roast in Norwich, a Saturday afternoon walkabout, a gardening session, a cinema trip, ten pin bowling, or even at the Wednesday Club Social! All the volunteer expenses are covered and by becoming a volunteer with the BUILD Charity; you receive your disability awareness and safeguarding training.

If this volunteer opportunity is of interest to you then either call the office on 01603 618029, email Lara at, or check out the website for our sign up forms and donations

It is a charity with such a great cause but they need volunteers for this fantastic work so I am calling on my local community for your help, thank you!

Bergh Apton Jubilee Festival – Grand Finale

Our Grand Finale for the year celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee,
Promises to be a a very special evening

Do join us for a masterful telling by story-teller Ashley Ramsden of Charles Dickens
‘A Christmas Carol’.
In Bergh Apton Church – Saturday 3rd December at 6.45pm

Ashley is returning to Bergh Apton following his much appreciated tale of
Tistou – the Boy with the Green Thumbs – last May

A renowned storyteller, he has performed around the world, and runs workshops for storytellers.

In this telling of the Dickens’ classic ‘A Christmas Carol’, with the breadth and flair of a whole cast, Ashley becomes all 23 characters. It is an annual favourite that he has performed across several continents.

Places are limited as before, so please book early to be sure of tickets.
Click here for tickets:
Call 01508 558440

During the year you may well have come to one of Bergh Apton’s festival events.
We really hope you enjoyed your visit.
We are most grateful for your support

Bin Collection Reminder App from South Norfolk Council

“Is it recycling or rubbish this week??”

“I don’t know, have a look what everyone else has put out!”

“But it’s dark and raining I can’t see!!”

Or even worse:

*hearing the bin lorry literally outside the house* “Hey did you put the bin out last night!? NO??!? Quick it’s outside!”


Ok, maybe not everyone’s as disorganised, but if you’re like me and would appreciate a reminder, there’s now an official app from South Norfolk Council, which will tell you which bin goes out that night, you can set up notifications to pop up and remind you, and there’s advice about what can go on the recycling. It’s pretty useful actually. There’s even a game on there, what more do you want?

Search “Bin Collections South Norfolk” on the App Store or Google Play


Gardening Tasks – Oct 2022

After such a hot and dry Summer, September brought the cooler weather and some very welcome rainfall to turn our lawns green once more.

The cool starts and beautiful misty mornings herald Autumn and they signal that it is now time to start tidying up and preparing for Winter, whilst still enjoying the last harvests and the golden Autumnal sunshine whenever we can.


If you have grown apples or pears, they should now be ready to pick and enjoy. There
are also blackberries and sloes to be found in the hedgerows.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Protecting from early frosts

Move any tender plants, including houseplants, into a conservatory or greenhouse and check your greenhouse heater to make sure it is working properly.

Outdoor pots and containers

Stop feeding your container plants as they are slowing down for the winter. Remove any drip trays from under planted containers and raise terracotta patio pots with bricks or special pot feet so they don’t sit in water over winter and crack when it freezes.


Mow when you can, but if you wish to remove any moss in your lawn, treat with a combination moss killer and fertiliser then scarify to remove the dead moss. If your lawn is in good condition it will still benefit from a granular or liquid Autumn feed which will “green it up” and sustain the grass through the winter months.

Splitting and moving Perennials

While you can still identify the various clumps of perennials in your flowerbeds, dig them up and divide any which may be getting too big and transplant any which you think are in the wrong place. Transplanting at this time of year gives them a chance to settle in over the Winter and gives them a strong start for next year.

Planting bulbs, trees and shrubs

Continue planting your spring bulbs, but delay planting your tulip bulbs until November. This is still a good time to plant shrubs and trees but avoid very wet or frosty days.

Tidying up and taking time out

Collect leaves as they fall, putting them in a separate compost bin or in black bin liners to rot down into leaf mulch to be used next Autumn to condition your soil.

If you can, take a walk one the lovely peaceful misty mornings or just sit and take some time to enjoy the Autumnal views of your garden in the low October sunlight.