The bus company have asked us if we can raise awareness of this proposal to change the 86 bus service from September.

Should you wish to comment you can email

Or call 01493 752223.

Please send comments on the changes by April 17th if you have any.

In a nutshell for our village and Bergh Apton the highlights are:

The early morning bus through the village is proposed to be retimed and rerouted to serve Poringland and Arminghall. Arrive Alpington 07:53 arriving in Norwich at 08:15. This will enable students to use the service to attend Fram Earl high school.

(currently service is arrive Alpington 07:27 arrive Norwich 07:45 – via A146)

There is also an additional service leaving Norwich at 15:00 via Arminghall and Poringland which will ensure students are able to get home again.