As part of our Village Festival there was a Village Trail for people to follow.

Here are the answers to the questions on the Trail going from the top at Yelverton Village Pond to the bottom at the Wheel of Fortune, Alpington and then the photo clues on the reverse of the sheet.

And heres the trail sheet in case you missed it and want to give it a go before you read the answers!

The Answers

Yelverton Village Pond- What is commemorated here?  Answer:  the friendship of Derek & Joyce Stansby on the plaque on the bench.

Junction of Dranes Lane and Back Road – Why do the villagers want sunny weather?  Answer: Each year the Village Community Benefit Fund receives a payment from the solar farm based on the solar energy generated.

Garrick Field- When was the Garrick Oak planted?  Answer: 26 November 2002 .  

When was Yelverton Football Club founded?  Answer: 1947

St Mary’s Church- Whose names are on the Commonwealth War Graves?  Answer:  Private W J Burrows ( the only one visible)

Village Hall – What is commemorated here?  Answer: The community’s resilience in the year of the Pandemic 2020/21 on the blue plaque beneath the Village Hall sign.

Wheel Road – Does living here ensure good luck?! Answer: Maybe! as the street sign is for Fortune Green.

The Wheel of Fortune- How many wheels can you spot on the outside of the pub?  Answer:  there’s two easily seen outside , one on the Pub Sign and one fixed on the garage wall but if you venture into the covered courtyard you will find another one fixed to the outer wall of the pub.

Wheel Road- How many houses are there with Cherry in their names?  Answer:  There are two cottages next to each other, Cherry Tree Cottage with a visible name and well done if you knew that next door is Cherry Cottage.  Also well done if you spotted Cherry House on Wheel Road.

Photo clues

Feathered friends:  weathervane on top of Jarquin, Wheel Road;  Quackers on Church Road, Yelverton; the duck house on Yelverton Pond; Two Hoots on Dranes Lane.

Animal friends:  Yelverton Village Sign at junction of Church Road and Framingham Earl Road featuring a horse and a donkey; horses in the stables on Dranes Lane; alpacas in the field off Back Road 

Architectural details:  the bell cote at Alpington & Bergh Apton Primary School; gable end of Pond Farm, Dranes Lane; 1966 in brick on bungalow at Alberta Piece, Alpington; date sign on 1 Church Road, Yelverton.