Just a reminder that the Flower Festival at St. Mary’s Church, Yelverton, is now on until the 11th June. 10am – 3pm.

We’ve previously posted about this here, but that post really did not do it justice! It’s not just flowers! The church is absolutely packed with displays. Check out the photos.

We popped along at the weekend and it was really busy, loads of people inside, chatting on the pews and walking around. There were refreshments available to eat and drink. A very welcoming atmosphere. And the displays were really interesting.

There’s old games and things from various decades that you’ll recognise, and it was good fun looking at the old books and photos. I personally remember in particular a sheet of facts about what was going on in the 70s which puts today’s situation into context! Hope you can make it for a bit at some point before all this hard work needs to be packed away.