Mallards fortify their position for 2022

After the Egyptian Geese ruffled a few feathers and took over the pond this year, The Mallards decided they aren’t going to be putting up with that fowl play next year, and have evidently been taking advanced masonry evening courses.

Yelverton pond duck house

We tracked down a goose for comment, who told us they’d noticed the mallards getting up at the quack of dawn and pulling something onto the lake earlier this week. “Hey, we managed to raise one layabout son this year on that pond, and he’s only just moved out. You think we’re coming back here in spring? We’ve got a timeshare on the broads”

(check out the full set of pictures on the Parish Projects Facebook Page 😃)

And there’s a deep water sign!

There’s also a new deep water sign lovingly crafted from the wood from the old Yelverton Village sign! A great piece of recycling. I tried to think of some sign-related puns for this section but life really is too short.

Yelverton pond deep water sign

Many thanks to Poringland Men’s Shed

Great pieces of craftsmanship, and we are again very grateful to the men’s shed for their generosity and skill.