A surprising number of people ask us how to report a dangerous pothole that they’ve seen. It’s really easy once you know how, so we’ve put together step by step instructions on one of our pages:

How to Report a Pothole

…and you can get to that page through one of the links at the bottom of every page on this website.

When you click through to the Norfolk County Council reporting page, there’s 5 screens to click through:

  • One is clicking on a map,
  • One is multiple choice,
  • Two are just a single drop-down,
  • And the other one is to write a quick sentence on how to find it at the map location.

This is one of those things where sometimes we just expect that someone else will do something about it, which is perfectly natural when it’s not immediately obvious how to do it, or how easy it is.

It’s the responsibility of the council to fix potholes, but only once they are told about them. If everyone thinks someone else will report it then perhaps no one will for a while, increasing the time that the pothole could cause damage or even cause an accident.

So make a mental note that you can get to the step-by-step instructions from any page of this website, and next time you see a pothole come back here and report it. It’s much quicker than you think.