If you’re curious how quickly cars drive through the village, we have reports for May, June, and July, generated from the mobile speed camera which gets moved around approximately every month.

The camera is run by the Parish Council. A generous village resident crunches the raw data from the Parish Council each month, and produces these easy to understand summaries downloadable below.

A quick look over the 3 documents paints an interesting picture, which is certainly worrying in some aspects. The camera was in 3 locations over the 3 months. In all locations the average speeder was going roughly 33mph.

On Framingham Earl Road (in the 30 zone past the pond) 13% of all cars were speeding. I’m not sure which way round the camera was facing but it possibly reflects the proximity of a 60mph zone further up the road?

By the village hall, only 1% of drivers were speeding, it’s an area which forces you to slow down really so it makes sense, and is reassuring in a way as many people cross the road near there.

Near the school, 5% of drivers were speeding.

For more detail see the pdf reports below.

This and future reports will be added to our Parish Council’s page.