Please share this if you can so that we can reach residents who might not follow this community site.

Today (Sat 17th Apr) a Yelverton resident had a visit from 2 men in an old plain white or grey Renault Traffic van Reg No BK55 RZJ.

The resident was round the back of the house and did not know they were parked at the front of the house apparently looking around and through the windows. A neighbour saw them and challenged them, alerting the resident to their presence.

The passenger was out of the van, wearing a scruffy blue checked shirt, jeans and work boots, unshaven guy about 5’8″ tall, slim build, dark scruffy short hair with an Irish accent. The driver wasn’t seen.

The resident asked if they could help and they said they were looking for Mr Richards in Salmon Road. He showed a scruffy bit of paper with this information on it and the postcode was correct. We said we did not know of any Salmon Road or Mr Richards and they then left rather hastily.

They turned right onto Framingham Earl Road towards Poringland at 12.30pm.

The incident has been reported to Norfolk police on 101.

There was also another incident earlier this month involving a Ford Transit with Tree and Garden Services on it’s side. This van was crawling up and down Framingham Earl Road repeatedly and when approached by a neighbour as it stopped outside his house. It sped off in the direction of Poringland. The neighbour did manage to take a picture of that van:

A van involved in suspicious behaviour on Framingham Earl Road