The latest data from the speed camera in the village shows that there is still a speeding issue on Church Road, with 10% of vehicles over the limit, and the average speeder going 34mph:

While this is worrying, there is in fact a bigger problem on Mill Road, the road to Green Pastures. For example, see this report from June-July 2020:

The Parish Council, supported by a resident who prepares our speed camera analysis reports, have summarised the speed camera results provided by Bergh Apton Parish Council and issued these to the Police.

The headlines over the past 12 months are as follows:

  • Peak time for speeding is between 4-6pm
  • No particular day of the week is noted for excessive speed – it occurs every day
  • More than 1 in 3 vehicles using the route are speeding (34%)
  • There were 328 vehicles travelling in excess of 50 mph
  • 7 vehicles travelling at 75mph, 2 travelling at 70 mph, 13 travelling at 65mph and 30 travelling at 60 mph

These are worrying statistics for anyone using that road, whether in a car or on foot, a resident or not. There are a few footpaths which come out onto Mill Road, so if you’re using them please take care when stepping out onto the road. Pets have been killed on the road during the year, which is made more likely by the speeding.

Armed with these statistics the police have been asked to put an appropriate level of priority on helping us to solve the problem.

We will update you through this website when the Parish Council receives any news.