He promised to keep us posted after the last update, so below is a copy and paste from a document sent out by Garry Whiting, Heathgate Medical Practice & Lead Manager for the Poringland Centre:

Update – Covid 19 Vaccinations Message from Heathgate Medical Practice and Old Mill and Millgates Surgery

Our vaccination programme continues and we have just completed an eight day run with the vaccinations we have been sent from NHS England. This has seen a further 4,000 patients, from the nine GP Practices we are working with, vaccinated. Most have received the Pfizer vaccination and on Saturday, we were able to provide a larger number of vaccinations across a five hour window using the Astra Zeneca (Oxford Vaccine) which does not have the licence requirement of a post vaccination 15 minute rest.

In line with Government guidance, we continue to focus on patients in Cohorts 1 to 4, which are essentially anyone over the age of 70 and those who are on the national shielding (CEV lists).

Many of you have also attended for vaccination at one of the mass sites which remains an option if you have received a national letter asking you to book. Your GP record is updated automatically if you attend a non NHS Centre.

The quantity of vaccines we receive locally in any one period is still determined by NHS England, and these are delivered with a short notice period – hence why some of you have been called just days before your appointment.

I would stress again that we are restricted to vaccinating patients within the national Cohorts and we are still spending a number of hours explaining to patients why we are unable to step outside this. This is taking a large amount of our receptionist’s time and so would politely request that if you are unsure of your eligibility, please take a look at the cohort illustration I will post below.

We have had many requests for vaccination of carers. Carers fall into Cohort 6 unless they qualify on age grounds ahead of this.

You may see national messages from NHS England and the Government later today prompting patients aged 70 or above to book their vaccination as soon as possible. This either through the national online booking service or by calling 119 if you are looking to attend a mass vaccination site such as that in Castle Quarter Shopping Centre in Norwich.

We understand the national message will also suggest patients contact their GP to flag if they would like vaccination at a local Centre such as that in Poringland. If you prefer this option, please call us in the afternoon between 2 and 5pm, where we will look to allocate a local appointment where availability allows. Our lines may be busy and so you could E Mail us instead using our Practice E Mail addresses which can be found on our websites. We can then contact you with an appointment.

This is a change of message from us locally, but a new national steer to capture the remaining patients in Cohorts 1 to 4 as local Centres do not have access to the national booking schedules for those of you opting for the mass Centre sites, and local staff have found they are wasting precious time calling patients who have already booked appointments nationally.

This remains a massive task for us all and thank you again for working with us.

Garry Whiting

Managing Partner

Heathgate Medical Practice

Lead Manager for the Poringland Centre