Below are the details of a bonus for referring a friend to the community oil purchase scheme. This website previously carried an article about the scheme, and further details can be seen on our page here. If you’re not in the scheme, contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who is, so that you can both take advantage of the offer.

From the thinking-fuel scheme:

This February we are asking you to Share The Love by referring a friend to the Thinkingfuel syndicate, and you both receive £10 off your orders!

Simply ask your friend to sign up at then drop us an email to copying your email address too. Please remember to include both your names and contact details. One of the team will then be in touch. Once your friend has joined, both receive £10 off your next order.

To qualify

· Minimum order is 500 litres

· Maximum order is 2000 litres

· Your friend must place an order in February to receive £10 off

· Orders are for Kerosene (heating oil) only

· Full payment must be received and delivered before a credit is applied

· The account application process must be completed for the new account

· Those being referred must be new to the syndicate, and not existing members.

· £10 is for each qualifying customer only and not transferable