A post for anyone in the village who buys home heating oil.

Many residents may not be aware, but the village is a part of a wider oil purchasing scheme, where many people ordering at the same time can receive a better price. It also takes the hassle out of ordering, as the scheme negotiates the price on your behalf.

You can read more information with the button below, and then click through to the scheme’s website if you’re still interested. But basically there are two order dates per month, on each date you can send them an email with your order, and then within a couple of weeks you receive your oil. The price advantage comes from the fact that many other people will order at the same time, and the scheme can then negotiate a better price for the very large order.

oil purchase scheme details

Originally the parish council paid a lifetime membership for the village, so that all residents can take advantage. Since then the scheme has evolved so that there are now no collective or individual membership fees, and no need to quote any village scheme membership.

It’s worth looking into if you don’t enjoy ringing round to get the best price at the time. We are not sure of the exact size of the discount that is achieved by the scheme, but the idea is that you’ll get a better price for less effort.