The Yelverton village sign has been returned, completely rebuilt by the gentlemen at the Poringland Men’s Shed.

Though initially it was planned to have the original sign refurbished when taken down but on closer inspection, it was found to have too much rotten wood for this to be feasible.

Special thanks

A team at the Men’s Shed agreed to undertake the project and we, the Parish Council would like to pay special thanks to the following members for all their hard work.  

Tim Mayhew for the wood carving and John Mallot who completed most of the painting with the help of Henry Gowman

Jeff Hall assisted with the heavy work of collecting, returning and erecting the sign and David Aldis (of Aldis Farm) used his fork lift tractor to take the sign down and put it up again.

The wedges currently in place are temporary and will be replaced by smaller ones, painted black which will be scarcely noticeable.

The plaque giving the history of the sign is now ready and will be fixed to the stone base shortly.

The sign will be reviewed annually and maintained as needed, it has been built to withstand the elements!! 

From the positive feedback received from local residents all are glad to have it back and looking so good as it is an important part of Yelverton village

Many thanks again to Henry Gowman and the Poringland Men’s Shed team