Are you interested in improving your local environment?

We are looking to put together a group of volunteers to tackle various environmental projects in Alpington and Yelverton over the coming months.

The first project is tidying up the margins of Yelverton Pond now that the digging out of the mud and reeds and rushes that were choking the Pond has been completed and the Pond is dry. 

yelverton pond empty of water

We would like to complete this work over the next few weeks before the weather becomes wet, so if you could spare a few hours to help please contact us.  It would also be useful if you could bring your own equipment such as gardening gloves, loppers, pruning saws, hedge trimmers or strimmers.

We would aim to work in small groups to ensure an adequate distance is kept.

We also have a project to undertake at the “Millennium Wood” in the Garrick Field in November, coppicing some hazel trees and cutting down dead trees.  Again we would like to bring together a group of volunteers to tackle this project.

If you would like to get involved please contact Sue on 491185 or Louise on 492599.

On behalf of Alpington with Yelverton Parish Council