Beware of scam phone calls

Beware of telephone calls being made by fraudsters pretending to be from Amazon.

“We’ve had reports of calls being made from individuals claiming your Amazon Prime subscription is due to expire, and will be automatically taken from your account.

“The recorded message asks you to press one to cancel or to speak to customer services.

“The call then goes through to an individual who ‘requires’ your personal details.

“Another scam call claims that your Amazon Prime account is being cancelled and that bank details are required to refund this.

“If you receive a call, claiming to be from Amazon, Hang Up!”

“Do not provide any personal information, your Amazon log in details, banking details or credit/debit card information.”

Scam Phone Calls – If you can see the number and you do not recognise it say nothing for 5 seconds. Most of these numbers will then ring off. It is the voice that triggers the message. If it is someone who knows you they will speak or you can just put the phone down