Parish Council Meeting 20th July @ 7.30pm

The Parish Council would like to welcome all to our next Parish Council Meeting which will be held via Zoom on Monday 20th July at 7.30pm.

Log in details for the meeting are:

Meeting ID: 760 8691 6893

Password: 214067

To pre-register, go to and enter the meeting ID now, you’ll be given a joining url for when the meeting starts.

Agenda for the meeting can be seen below

Rogue Trader Alert

Rogue Trader Alert: We are warning residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of doorstep cold callers trying to sell household cleaning products. This follows an incident this morning where a young male cold called at a property in Diss claiming he was from a ‘youth offending team’ and was selling items ‘donated by charities to gain marketing skills’. Our advice is NEVER deal with anyone who cold calls at your property offering to sell something. It is possible these sellers will continue to move onto other locations in Norfolk. Anyone sighting these sellers in Norfolk please contact Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133 or to Norfolk Constabulary via 101. If you feel intimidated or sight these cold callers and are concerned for vulnerable neighbours call 999

Important information about over 75 TV Licences

Changes to the over 75 TV licence will come into effect from 1st August 2020.

If you are aged 75 or over and hold a free TV Licence which has expired or is due to expire on the 31st July 2020, you don’t need to do anything to stay licensed until we contact you.

We will write to all over 75 licence holders starting in August. This letter will let you know what action you’ll need to take for your next licence.

Free TV Licences, funded by the Government, for all over 75s will come to an end in July 2020. From 1 August 2020, there will be a new scheme.

Under the new scheme, anyone aged 75 or over receiving Pension Credit will be eligible to apply for a free TV Licence, paid for by the BBC. Pension Credit can be in the name of the licence holder, or in their partner’s name if they are a couple living at the same address.

If Pension Credit is not received – either in the licence holder’s name or their partner’s name if they are a couple – the TV Licence will need to be paid for.

Your next TV Licence

If you already have a free over 75 licence you will be covered until 31 July 2020. You don’t need to do anything just yet. We will be writing to all free over 75 licence holders from early August to let you know how you may be affected and what you will need to do next.

If you are receiving Pension Credit you can apply for your free licence now, but there is plenty of time so please don’t feel you need to apply straightaway if you are worried about leaving your home to post your application to us.

If you have already applied for your new licence and sent us information about your Pension Credit, we are processing your application and we will be in touch.

July – Jobs for the garden

July is usually where most people start to think about slowing down and relaxing in the Summer sun but for the gardener, all the vigorous growth and beautiful flowering plants need management at this time of year. 

Weed, feed and dead-head

Continue to control the weeds on paths and in your flowerbeds. Increase the feeding of seasonal patio pots and baskets – they will benefit from a weekly feed of liquid tomato fertiliser or Miracle-Gro. 

Dead-head bedding plants, annuals and Roses as this will encourage more flowers. If you cut back delphiniums and geraniums after the first flowers they should flower a second time, so give them a feed of Blood, Fish and Bone or a slow-release fertiliser.

We still get some windy days so support or tie in any vigorous climbers or tall perennials. 

Water as often as needed

July often brings the hottest Summer weather, so increase the watering for the plants that need it. Bedding plants, leafy vegetables, seedlings and new plantings are most prone to drying out. If possible, water your plants early in the morning or in the evening and avoid watering during the hottest part of the day. 

Protect from pests

Some pests thrive in hot summer conditions, so check susceptible plants – such as roses – for blackspot, mildew and rust, which can be rife right now.  Treat and spray as required.

Maintain water features

Water features will need care this month, rake out any overgrown oxygenating plants and algae from ponds. Top up ponds in very hot weather, ideally using the rainwater collected in your water-butts. 

Don’t mow too tight

If the weather is hot and dry, don’t mow too often and raise the height of cutting deck on your mower. Brown patches on lawns in hot spells are inevitable but the lawn will recover quickly, so there’s no need to water. It’s better to use the water for your pots, baskets and flowering borders.

Paint and refresh

Dry summer weather is perfect for spending some time outdoors maintaining your garden outbuildings and fencing: paint wooden sheds, fences, arches and arbours now so you can enjoy the refreshed backdrop in the Summer months and not worry about doing the work as the Autumnal weather arrives!  

Bergh Apton Recycling Centre

The Bergh Apton recycling centre is back up and running from 9am to 5pm Friday 26th. There will only be 4 cars in site at a time then one for one. Please respect the Staff as we will do our best to get this going as quickly as we can. Just remember that if you have any DIY that is chargeable please remember that we are not taking any cash only card payment. Hope to see you all there soon.
Kind Regards Kevin Bennett