This week the weather has become very spring like and I have heard many lawnmowers hard at work and seen signs that many of us are starting to tackle jobs in the garden.One of our residents, Cara, has produced some gardening tips for April. A useful read!

Talking about the spring weather, life at the village pond is moving on. There are currently several ducks nesting and to let them hatch their eggs successfully, please ensure that your dogs do not enter the water.The pond is a lovely place to walk past and visit which many of you clearly agree with, but please do not stay too long so allowing others to stop and enjoy and respect social distancing.

The emergency team are still here to help please call your area volunteer or Sue or myself.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter don’t over – indulge in the chocolate!
Please pass on information to anyone who does not have internet access

Louise 01508 492599

Sue 01508 491185