Ever seen an Egyptian goose? How about a Grey Wagtail? Have a walk down to the pond! It seems that the Yelverton pond renovation has perhaps created a home for some new wildlife.

Grey Wagtail

These are actually relatively rare in general, but a few times over the last few weeks we’ve seen a Grey Wagtail hanging around the pond.

A grey wagtail next to the puddle over the back of Yelverton pond. Can you see it? 🙂 No? Look a bit closer I promise it’s there.

There’s only about 70000 in the UK, so we’re quite lucky to have one in the village. In contrast there are roughly 7 million blue tits in the UK.

It might have always been there and we didn’t notice, but if it’s the pond renovation that’s attracted it then it’s a really good sign.

A grey wagtail
A grey wagtail facing away

It’s a bit tricky to see in real life, let alone in my photos, but it has a bath in the pond sometimes and seems to like the puddle in the field behind the pond, just at the top of the embankment and over the barrier.

And if you’re wondering how it got its name “wagtail”:

A short video of the grey wagtail wagging it’s tail!

Egyptian Goose

There’s one or two on or around the pond pretty much every day at the moment, I don’t remember seeing one here before.

Anyone know what a baby Egyptian goose looks like? Maybe we’ll find out soon!

The Moorhens and Ducks

Nice to see that neither of our usual moorhens have deserted the pond while the works were carried out. But since the Egyptian Geese arrived we haven’t seen the usual pair of ducks around, have they been bullied off their patch? We’ll have to see if they come back… If not then we’ll leave it to you to decide if having the geese is a good trade!

What else can I see?

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