A viewpoint from local resident Kevin Gotts.

“It’s a strange ol’ time,” a local farmer remarked.  The world has been shaken, and certainly seems upside down and outside our control.

Many millions are working under extreme pressure and making a massive difference, while we help contribute by keeping a very low profile.

Our senses, especially in rural areas, have become more sensitive and appreciative of the stillness, smells, birds singing, bees foraging, our neighbours and we are surrounded by a full burst of wonderful Spring growth.

The undercurrent of locals running errands, helping with urgent supplies and collections is uplifting, showing that we are fundamentally a caring, sharing, strong community.  Thank you.

And if you have time today why not text, phone or email a neighbour, friend or absent relative and wish them well.

We shall get beyond this season of testing and uncertainty.

A major faith proclaims today that “He (Jesus) is Risen”, a depiction of resurrection from darkness to light.

I believe that Hope will win through.

Pictured is St Mary’s, Yelverton, with a canopy of radiant daffodils.