We have completed the first week under movement restrictions, and staying at home regulations.

The “NHS Clap” was supported in both villages and personally I found it very moving.

The emergency team volunteers have been busy supporting many vulnerable residents. The most requested help last week was for collecting medicines. Also there have been requests for shopping, availability thankfully has improved and we have been able to buy the majority of requests.

We are trying to keep up with information offering a service

The Feathers on A146 now offering a pre-order takeaway service

Do you have any tips for fellow residents that you are using to help get through these difficult times. Please share via the website

If there is any support you need and not sure if we can help please ring your area volunteer or Sue or me. Our team are flexible and good at problem solving and very happy to help.

Please pass on information to anyone who does not have internet access

Louise 01508 492599

Sue 01508 491185