Website Policies


About these policies

This is a non-profit website run for the benefit of Alpington and Yelverton village residents, as well as for visitors and those with connections to the villages. Articles and information will be posted here if they are of interest or promote the life of the village.

We have in fact taken inspiration and wording here from the very successful and respected site, which has been going for much longer than we have. So each item here is here for a reason, so that the site can continue to operate effectively for the benefit of the community.

Our policies

  1. We want YOU to create articles! Organisations, local business and individuals with news are encouraged to post to the site, and will be given login details to do so on request. Such contributors are referred to as “Authors” in this article. Despite what you might think, its not very difficult to get set up and start posting, and the site Administrator (lives locally) will talk you through this process and offer as much guidance as needed. We’d love you to contribute so please do get in touch.
  2. Only one person. We ask that only one person from each organisation posts information on the site where possible.
  3. Occasional contributions are accepted for publication from others who may not have the volume of material to become an Author or may not be confident with computers. Please use our contact form to initiate contact, so that you can supply material to the site. The site Administrator screens news items offering guidance but does not originate or write articles for Authors. Information sent to us should be received in a fit state for publication.
  4. We can edit your post. The site Administrator reserves the right to edit any material posted or supplied to the site for clarity. The Administrator may also decline to publish or remove an article at their discretion. In exceptional circumstances the Administrator may require an Author to be moderated (meaning that their material will be reviewed before publication).
  5. Commercialism. We want to celebrate and promote local business, but overt commercialism is discouraged in posts. The site is for news items and village information only. Businesses should be careful when adding items and ask themselves “is this news or advertising?”. It’s often a fine line, we get that, and we assume good faith, but any material walking that line will be questioned and potentially removed if a compromise cannot be reached. If a company wants to put an article or “infomercial” on the site, please use “Contact us” to discuss the possibility. Such commercial posts will be clearly labelled.
  6. Spamming. Authors must be careful of over-contributing or “spamming” the site. A balance between information and excessive publication is to be struck. Authors should be aware that when a post is published, an email is sent to each of the site’s followers. Think how you would feel receiving the volume of information you’re sending. Not only will you dilute your own message, you will alienate the people you’re trying to reach.
  7. Who shall we credit? All articles that have been received by the site Administrator for publication must have the text “information received from” at the end of the article in italics to indicate the source of the information. We’d like to credit the correct people, basically.
  8. How to contact us. If you want to contact the site Administration, the best way is through the contact form so it can be correctly directed and prioritised.
  9. Political Issues. The website does not take positions in partisan issues within the village. Requests to support or publish material that supports one side or another will be politely declined. Posts from Authors containing this sort of material will be removed if there is even the slightest doubt, and the Author in question will be politely asked to redirect such material to their own personal social media channels 🙂
  10. At the end of the day, someone needs to be in charge. The site Administrator’s decision is final in all matters concerning the site. We’ll make every effort to reach a compromise before this policy comes into effect.