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Like most websites, this site uses cookies to enable certain functionality and to provide the site’s administrators with certain analytics data. All in order to give you the best experience while using the site, particularly for those users who are given permission to create and edit content.

This site is built on the WordPress software, and the full technical details of the cookies we use are best explained by WordPress themselves:

WordPress Cookie Policy and info

Privacy Policy Summary

We treat privacy very seriously. There are two categories of information that we collect from our Site’s visitors:

  1. Content you send to us. When you sign up anywhere on the site, you provide us with your email address. This is used solely for the purpose of sending out new news items that are posted to the site. We do not pass on your email address to anyone else, it is kept by us only for that purpose. Members of the community with permission can also create content for the site such as new news posts, and that content will be stored by the site’s software.
  2. Content stored automatically. This Site is built on the popular WordPress software. WordPress will automatically collect some information about our visitors on our behalf, such as which country the visitor is in, the date and time of access, and which pages are viewed.

Read on for more detail on both categories, and for information on how we use that data.

Further Details of the Data We Collect

We collect information about our visitors in a few different ways. We collect certain information that the visitors provide to the Site, and we collect some information automatically.

Information a Visitor Provides to the Site

This primarily happens when visitors type into a text field on a Site, like a comment field or a sign-up form. Here are the most common ways in which a visitor provides information to our Site:

  • Follower Information: When a visitor signs up to follow our site, we collect the sign-up information, which typically includes just an email address. We will keep that information for as long as it is needed to provide this service, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Contact Form: This website has a Contact Us form. We collect your name and email address, in order that we can reply to your enquiry. We do not use the information for any other purpose and it is not shared with anyone. Your information is not added to a list of any sort.
  • Posts and Articles: The Site’s administrators will give permission to other members of the community to create posts on the news feed and, in rarer cases, to edit the page content on the site. This content will be saved on the site, even if unpublished. Any content created in this way is intended to be public and will be treated as such when published. Before it is published and made public, the content can be viewed only by others with permission to edit site content, and it is not intended to be shared with anyone else.

Information Automatically Collected

The WordPress software will also automatically collect some information about our visitors on our behalf. We’ve listed some examples below:

  • Technical Data from a Visitor’s Computer: WordPress collects the information that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers typically make available about visitors to a Site, such as the IP address, browser type, unique device identifiers, language preference, referring site, the date and time of access, operating system, and mobile network information.
  • Visitor Interactions: WordPress collects information about a visitor’s interactions with a Site, including which pages are viewed.
  • Location Information: WordPress may determine the approximate location of a visitor’s device from the IP address. This is collected to, for example, tally how many people visit us from certain geographic regions. If you’d like, you can read more about our Site Stats feature for sites.
  • Admin activity: WordPress collects administrator activities related to the management of the Site, such as login attempts/actions page/post/comment management actions.
  • Information from Cookies and Other Technologies: A cookie is a string of information that a Site stores on a visitor’s computer, and that the visitor’s browser provides to the Site each time the visitor returns. Pixel tags (also called web beacons) are small blocks of code placed on Sites. WordPress uses cookies and other technologies like pixel tags to help identify and track visitors and Site usage. For more information about the use of cookies and other technologies for tracking, including how visitors can control the use of cookies, please see WordPress’ Cookie Policy.

How We Use Visitor Information

We use email addresses given by followers solely for the purpose of sending automatic emails containing new posts. We will not pass on your email address to anyone else, or use it for any other purpose.

WordPress uses information about Site visitors in order to provide some of the functionality for this Site. The Site’s administrator may use this functionality to, for example, monitor and manage the Site, flag and fight comments from spammers, and collect information through polls, quizzes and other surveys.

As a specific example, WordPress provides a view for the site’s administrators that shows anonymised and aggregated data of which country the site’s visitors are located in (but we are not given a more specific location than that). WordPress also allows the site’s administrators to view records of which pages and posts have been viewed (but not by who), how many times, and how many unique visitors there have been to the site on any given day. This information could potentially be used by the site’s administrators to analyse, for example, when the website receives the most traffic, and which sorts of posts are most interesting to the community.

WordPress themselves may also use and share information that has been aggregated or reasonably de-identified, so that the information could not reasonably be used to identify any individual. For instance, they may publish aggregate statistics about the use of WordPress services. See the WordPress privacy notice for details of how WordPress shares visitor information, to whom, and for how long it is retained.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback on the above document, please contact us using the form on our contact us page, by following the link below:

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