Walking and Hiking in South Norfolk

We’ve collected some walking routes around the South Norfolk villages of Alpington and Yelverton, and the surrounding villages and countryside. A great way to get some exercise, get to know the area, look after your mental health, and get the kids outside for a walk or take the dog for a walk.

Giant Strides Walking Booklet

A walking booklet called Giant Strides was produced decades ago and it is still really useful today. It covers the Bramerton group of parishes, which includes ours. The author was Richard Crosskill, who has kindly given us permission to reproduce the booklet on this site. A couple of generous Parish Councillors lent this website a copy of the booklet and we have scanned it in and created a PDF file, so that the material can live on!

Click the below button to download the whole booklet in its original form (pdf, 8MB).

(A short disclaimer: after so many years some of the routes may have overgrown or become less usable than they were, so until we can test them all please be prepared for the rare occasion that you might have to detour).

The front cover of the Giant Strides walking booklet

Paraphrased from communications with Richard Crosskill: A short history of this booklet is that 1000 copies of the first version “Eleven Walks” were printed in 1980, after receiving grants, and the slightly larger version “Giant Strides” (produced 750) came out in 1993. The profits were subsequently handed to Eleven Says to produce a walks sheet to be distributed to every doorstep in the Bramerton Group area.

My main aim over the years is to persuade people to get out and use the public footpaths, so they don’t grow over.

Richard Crosskill, 2020


To download a walk, click the image, or the download button.

Bergh Apton Circular

3.25 miles

a hand-drawn map of the giant strides walk 1
click image to download pdf instructions (1MB)